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 from Jalopnik

The Legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R Cop Car Is Still Out There Nailing Criminals

Criminals beware: there is a certain police car roaming the Japanese urban wilderness that you don’t want to cross. It’s not an urban legend. It’s real, and it will pursue you without fear or mercy. Read more... more Nissan news

Source: Jalopnik

Published: Tue, Dec 6 2016

 from Jalopnik

The Amount Of Equipment You Can Power With An Old Jeep Is Staggering

SUV makers these days like to lace their press releases with the words “practical” and “versatile.” But it’s all bullshit, because compared to old Willys Jeeps, modern SUVs are useless paperweights. Just look at all hard work an old 1940s Willys can tackle. Read more... more Jeep news

Source: Jalopnik

Published: Wed, Dec 7 2016

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